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Some things you can plan for…  

Make Your Plan a Winning Game Plan

Pregnancies, performance, genetic progress and profit begin with the highest fertility genetics.
When used as part of your herd’s breeding strategy, you can be confident that our industry-leading Sexcel® dairy genetics and NuEra Beef genetics will deliver world-beating fertility and unrivalled genetic progress.

Using Sexcel® on the highest genetic merit females in your herd and NuEra Beef Genetics on the rest, you will accelerate genetic progress and profitability.

You can be confident in our Sexcel® and NuEra Beef Genetics fertility performance because we have over 3.2 million inseminations worldwide to prove it*. So, when you need to plan for pregnancies, make sure they are Sexcel® and NuEra Beef Genetics pregnancies, our Winning Game Plan.

Winning Game Plan